What makes Maui Gold® different from all the other "Gold" pineapples on the market?



Although all the Gold pineapples on the market are some variation of 73-50 and 73-114, they don't all taste the same. These particular varieties are very difficult to grow in a way that maximizes the fruit's naturally sweet flavor. Their genetic makeup makes them unusually susceptible to stresses such as drought, soil pathogens, and fluctuations in nutrition and temperature. Any sort of stress can trigger the plant to fruit out of cycle before it's fully ripe and ready to eat. In addition, because the pineapple genotype is so large, the environment affects the flavor profile of each successive generation of seed. As a result, it's important to grow Gold pineapples in a location that enhances the natural qualities of the fruit and maintains its superior taste.

The expert farmers at Maui Gold Pineapple Company, most of whom worked for Maui Pineapple Company when the Gold variety was discovered, have been cultivating this pineapple for over 25 years. They have developed a number of innovative techniques to keep the plant happy and ensure that Maui Gold® pineapples are always hand picked at optimum ripeness. A clean fallow keeps the fields free of soil pathogens; a comprehensive irrigation system combined with tropical rains ensure the fruit is always well watered, the warm sunny days and cool Maui nights provide the perfect temperature range, and the rich volcanic soil provides the nutritional qualities the variety craves. When you buy a Maui Gold® pineapple, you can be confident that it was carefully raised by skilled, devoted farmers in the most naturally advantageous location in the world: Maui, Hawai‘i.